Peking Opera Show

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Shatan Hotel is located at back of Forbidden City, is close to visit many famous attractions of Beijing, with convenient geographic location and transportation.

Peking Opera Show

Night Show Bus Tour: Peking Opera Show

Price From: US$ 30( 192 CNY )

Inclusion: Roundtrip hotel transfers, admission to the Beijing Opera;
Departure: Daily;
Tour Duration: Approx.3.5 hours;
Show starts: at 7:30 p.m.;      Show finishes: at 8:50 p.m.;
Pick-up point and time: Your Hotel around 6:00 p.m.;
Finishing point and time: Your Hotel around 9:30 p.m.;
Payment Method: Cash, Credit Cards, Wire, Western Union
Tour Guide Language: English!
Feature: The Beijing Opera Show is a treasure of Chinese culture. And the tourists could learn more about China during enjoy this performance.

Review of tourists who had enjoyed this show:
While the Chinese put on a fabulous show with makeup, costume, and lighting, this opera is quite different than anywhere else. That was unique experience in Beijing tour. The places next to the stage were arranged at tables, and boys in national clothes pouring tea. This tea kettle is amazing, it has long beak. We do love this show!

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Located near Tiananmen Square, Shatan Hotel Beijing is the ideal choice for tourists in Beijing, and booking this tour online, you would enjoy the big discount about this hotel.

Mutianyu Great WallDay 1: Beijing (L)
1. On arrival in Beijing, you will be met by our tour guide and directly have an excursion from Beijing airport to the Mutianyu Great Wall for about 2 hours. On the way to Mutianyu Great Wall, a short visit of Jade Carving Factory. It was not only the excellent skill on carving, but also mixes many Chinese traditional cultures in the jade carving.
- Mutianyu Great Wall: Originally built during the Northern Qi Dynasty in the mid-sixth century, the most beautiful section.
2. Drive you to downtown Beijing to have an outside view of Olympic Stadium. Then transfer you to the hotel and free for the rest of the day.

Forbidden City

Day 2: Beijing (B, L)
1. After breakfast pick you up from hotel on departure time, and then driving to the Tiananmen Square and visit Forbidden City (including the Exhibition of Treasures). Then back to your hotel.
- Tiananmen Square:The largest public square in the world with a total area of 440,000 square meters.
- Forbidden City: The best preserved imperial palace in China and the largest ancient palatial structure in the world.
2. After lunch visit the Temple of Heaven. Then transfer you to Beijing airport or railway station and see off.
- Temple of Heaven: The largest existing complex of ancient sacrificial buildings in China.

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Shatan Hotel

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Shatan HotelIf you want visit Beijing during your next holiday, it is your nice choice. Beijing has lot of interesting and famous attractions that attracts lot of foreigners from all around the world to come. In Beijing, tourists also will visit the famous Great Wall that located not far from Beijing city. If you want to visit Beijing, here I suggest the hotel that suitable for you. Shatan Hotel is a 3 star hotel with convenient location just 5 minutes walk to the Forbidden City (Imperial Palace). Shatan Hotel is also located close to other famous attractions in Beijing such as, Tiananmen Square, Jingshan Park, Beihai Park, 10 minutes walking to China Art Museum and the busy business district (the famous Wangfujing Street). Shatan Hotel is become your ideal hotel to stay during your holiday in Beijing.

Shatan Hotel was built in 2000, and last renovated in 2007. Shatan Hotel offers a total of 64 rooms ranging from standard rooms to business suites. All of the rooms are spacious and elegant. In each guest rooms are equipped with telephone, wifi access, coffee tea maker, slippers, refrigerator, cable television, central air-conditioning and others. The hotel’s floors are also built in Sihe Yard style.

Shatan Hotel is also offer lots of hotel facilities such as, 24 hour front desk, bar, laundry service, restaurants, meeting and conference room, sauna, ping pong room, card rooms, bialliard room, beauty salon, tennis court, wi-fi access, room service, airport transfer, coffee shop and others. The restaurants of Shatan Hotel can hold a total of 120 people for meals in the same time. It serves traditional Chinese cuisine from Cantonese to Sichuan and western style food. Shatan Hotel is also provides some meeting rooms, business center, meeting facilities, catering that will help you to make your event more complete there. Whatever your purpose in China, business or travel, Shatan Hotel will offers you a good rest space and good service for you.

Although Shatan Hotel is a 3 star standard hotel but the staffs are very friendly and the hotel is very comfortable to stay. The hotel is also located close to Houhai which is the street full with bars, restaurants, cafes, clubs, and souvenir shops. Lot of foreigners and local people will visit this attraction at night or weekend. Get the hotel reservation in our website and hope you enjoy the holiday in Beijing! Have a nice day.



Forbidden City

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Forbidden CityAs one of the must-see spots in Beijing, Forbidden City attracts amount of tourists from home and abroad every year, including guests in Shatan Hotel Beijing. Shatan Hotel Beijing, a 3-star foreign related hotel, is always the first choice for foreigner tourists in Beijing. With superior geographical location, Shatan Hotel Beijing has convenient transportation to various attractions of Beijing, of course including the Forbidden City. Not far from Forbidden City, you can visit it at any time if you live in Shatan Hotel Beijing.
Forbidden City is located at center of Beijing, also known as the Imperial Palace in Chinese. Forbidden City was complete in 18th year of Yongle Emperor, is the imperial palace in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Forbidden City is also the outstand work of ancient construction, is the existed largest and most complete wooden ancient construction group. The whole constructions are composed of front palaces and inner palaces, surrounded by city wall and moat in four sides. Meridian Gate, is located at the due south, is the main entrance of Forbidden City. Living in Shatan Hotel Beijing, you can feel the grand atmosphere of Forbidden City because of the short distance. From legend, the Jade Emperor (the Supreme Deity of Taoism) has 10,000 palaces, in order to not beyond the god, Forbidden City has 9,999 palaces. In order to visit these palaces conveniently, Shatan Hotel Beijing is ideal accommodation choice in Beijing.
The whole distribution of Forbidden City is the axial symmetry, and the rigorous and ordered distribution expressed the highest power of emperors. Forbidden City is one of the World Five Palaces, including Beijing Forbidden City, French Versailles, English Buckingham Palace, American White House and Russia Kremlin. They were listed the world cultural heritage by UNESCO.
Living in Shatan Hotel Beijing, Forbidden City is the first visit place. Also, Shatan Hotel Beijing offers tourists the comfortable living environment.

Imperial City Wall RelicsWould you like Beijing-an old city in China? Walking around Beijing, you can find various relics from ancient times. Before your Beijing tour, you should choose a right hotel in Beijing. Shatan Hotel, located in the center of Beijing, is cheap and convenient for tourists.
The Imperial City Wall Relics is the symbol of old city wall. The Imperial City Wall Relics, close to Shantan Hotel, lies at the center of Beijing as well as Shatan Hotel. The Imperial City Wall Relics is the biggest parking in Beijing, and it opened to public in 2001. The Imperial City Wall Relics starts from Changan Avenue in south to Pingan Road in north. The greening area reaches 90%. Since it had been discovered, it was built as an outdoor museum for tourists. It is also a good place to visit if you are free in Shatan Hotel. In the middle of the Imperial City Wall Relics, you can find a garden scenic spot themed with sihe courtyard of Beijing. According to the fall of terrain, the park design and built 10 fold springs. There are 6 sculptures and 3 teams of embossments in park, showing the unique human landscapes and history vein of Beijing. The Imperial City Wall Relics is a worthy visit place for tourists near Shantan Hotel. If you are free in Shatan Hotel, you can enjoy this ancient garden after dinner. Owing to close distance, you can walk to this park from Shatan Hotel. The Imperial City Wall Relics Park near Shatan Hotel was built the site of the second city wall in Ming and Qing Dynasty, which seems like a green ribbon connects Forbidden City and Wangfujing business area.
In this flourishing city, the Imperial City Wall Relics is the scenic spots which can quiet your heart to visit the history of this old city wall.


Laoshe Former Residence

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Laoshe Former ResidenceLaoshe Memorial Hall, also known as Laoshe Former Residence, is located in Fengfu Hutong of Dengshikou West Street in Dongcheng District, and close to Shatan Hotel Beijing. The other name of Laoshe former Residence is Danshi Courtyard. Laoshe Memorial Hall opened to public in 1999.
Laoshe brought Danshi Courtyard near Shatan Hotel Beijing after he came back from America in 1950, and it is an old style courtyard in Beijing. A black door face to west and there be only two south rooms. To west of Danshi Courtyard, it is a sanhe courtyard which is the main part of Laoshe Former Residence near Shatan Hotel Beijing. There are 3 wing rooms in each side, and they are exhibition rooms now. From first novel to last unaccomplished autobiography novel, the exhibition rooms gather all different kinds of Laoshe’s novels and reflect achievements in whole life of Laoshe. Three north rooms near Shatan Hotel Beijing display original condition when Laoshe was living. There are many famous people sit at drawing room to talk with Laoshe such as Premier Zhou. The west side room is the study room and workroom with simple decoration. There are several things that Laoshe likes on desk such as a seal which is carved by Qi Baishi, jade inkpad box that given by General Feng and a painting inkstone in Qing Dynasty. In this small room near Shatan Hotel Beijing, Laoshe wrote many famous novels, Chinese folk art forms, essay, thesis, poetry and prose. Tourists in Shatan Hotel Beijing can enjoy all these famous things and life condition of Laoshe in Laoshe Former Residence.
Laoshe loved flowers, so he plant many flowers in his courtyard close to Shatan Hotel Beijing. When he tired of writing, he always went to yard to appreciate flowers. The persimmon tree was plant by Laoshe personally. In autumn, the persimmon tree is full of persimmons, and it looks interesting. And the name of this small courtyard came from this tree. Laoshe, Beijing local people, is modern famous writer. He worked as headmaster of primary school, teacher in middle school and professor of university. During the war of resistance aggression, Laoshe made great contribution to uniting literary and art workers to take part in the publicity of wars. After liberation, Laoshe worked as vice-chairman of Chinese Literary Federation, vice-chairman of the Chinese Writers Union and chairman of Beijing Literary Federation. Laoshe was awarded as People Artist in 1951 by Beijing Government. In this residence near Shatan Hotel Beijing, Laoshe Created His glorious life.
Living in Shatan Hotel Beijing, you can also visit many representative attractions of Beijing convenient. And Shatan Hotel Beijing will offer comfortable environment and good service to tourists.

National Art Museum of ChinaThe peak tourist season is coming in Beijing. have you prepared for it? Before your Beijing tour, I suggest that you should choose a suited hotel online. A suited hotel with comfortable environment and convenient transportation will make your Beijing tour much easier and happier. Among so many hotels in Beijing, Shatan Hotel is one of ideal choice for your Beijing tour. Shatan Hotel is located on Shatan Back Street.
Around Shatan Hotel, there are many interesting places. Living in Shatan Hotel, you can enjoy not only the modern smell of Beijing, but also can you appreciate the art works in National Art Museum of China. The National Art Museum of China is close to Shatan Hotel and you can have a good travel in National Art Museum of China. National Art Museum of China is located in Wusi Street of Dongcheng District close to Shatan Hotel. It is good for tourists in Shatan Hotel.
National Art Museum of China is a national formative arts museum aims to collection, study and display the modern art works. Chairman Mao inscribed the name for National Art Museum of China and explicated the position and property of it in 1963. The main building of National Art Museum of China imitates the style of old loft with yellow glazed tile roof and surrounded by lounges. The National Art Museum of China has bright national constructive style near Shatan Hotel. There are 17 exhibition halls from one to five floors and building area is more than 18,000 square meters.
The National Art Museum of China collects more than 100 thousand arts and the main arts is during the development of new China period. And it is also has arts of Ming, Qing and the start of the Republic of China. The arts in National Art Museum of China are art boutiques and the present arts of modern artists such as Ren Bonian, Wu Changshuo, Qi Baishi, Xu Beihong, etc. Besides, there are more than 1000 foreign art works in museum. You can enjoy the art atmosphere near Shatan Hotel. During 40 years, National Art Museum of China has hold about thousand exhibitions in foreign and domestic.
Around Shatan Hotel, tourists also can visit some art or fashion places if you have enough time. No matter what your purpose, Shatan Hotel is an good hotel in Beijing.


Jingshan Park

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Jingshan ParkAs capital of China, Beijing attracts large number of tourists from all over the world. Before your Beijing tour, you’d better choose a suited hotel. A right hotel with comfortable environment and convenient transportation will make your tour much easier. Shatan Hotel is an ideal choice among Beijing hotels. Shatan Hotel is located in Shatanhou Street and close to Jingshan Park.
Jingshan Park is located in the center of Beijing and north of Imperial Palace and close to Shatan Hotel. It is the royal court of Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasty. Before Yuan dynasty, this area is wild county. In Jindadi time, Taining Palace and now Beihai were built in this area. It opened to public in 1928, and it was repaired and rebuilt in 1949. From that time, this area was named Jingshan Park. Living in Shatan Hotel, you can enjoy the old atmosphere in Jingshan Park near Shatan Hotel. The Gingko Yard, Cherry-apple Yard, Peony Yard, Peach Yard, Apple Yard, Grape Yard and Persimmon Forest were set at here successively. The park faces south, covers an area of 230 thousand square meters, and is surrounded by red wall and yellow watts. The flower and grassland cover area of 1100 square meters. The main constructions of Jingshan are three park doors, Yiwanglou for sacrificing Confucius and five peak kiosks.
Jingshan Park sits at the middle of Beijing and it is the top point of Beijing city. It is close to Beihai Park in west and Forbidden City in south. Standing at the top of Jingshan, tourists in Shatan Hotel can overlook the whole Beijing city, which is an ancient and modern city. There are over 1000 old Songbai trees, peony and other flowers in Jingshan Park. In recent years, Jigshan Park near Shatan Hotel holds display of peony, lotus and chrysanthemum each year under the policy of building park with culture. All these displays attract tourists in Shatan Hotel from all over the world with bright colors, elegant environment, strong cultural atmosphere and vivid characters. The display of Big Buddha was praised by tourists most in Shatan Hotel in 1998. It is about 2 million tourists visit Jingshan Park every year especially in autumn.
Jingshan Park is also a good place for singing. What they sing are not only Chinese folk songs, revolutionary songs, but also foreign songs such as European operas and pop music. The Jingshan Choir Festival is held in every year from 2004 by the government of Xicheng District. Around Shatan Hotel, Jingshan Park is an ideal place to relax and leisure.

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During your travel in Beijing, hotel is important. Choosing a good hotel is much more convenience to your trip. If you travel in Beijing firstlyShatan Hotel , you had better surf internet and choose a comfortable hotel with convenient transportation, among which Shatan Hotel is better.

Shatan Hotel, a three-star foreign related hotel, is located in Shatanhou Street of Dongcheng District in Beijing. Shatan Hotel has superior geographic location and good traffic. The long historical Red Pavilion former address of Peking University is in the north of Shatan Hotel; beautiful Jingshan and Beihai Park are in the west of it; the Forbidden City is in the south of it. It is only 5 minutes walking distance from Chinese Art Museum and Fulongsi Commercial Street, 15 minutes walking distance from Wangfujing Street and Xindongan shopping mall, 15 minutes driving distance from Beijing Railway Station and center of Beijing, and 40 minutes driving distance from Capital Airport.

 Shatan Hotel is close to People’s Education Press and Higher Education Publishing with lodging, catering, business conference, recreation and sauna. Shatan Hotel has 6 floors including 62 standard rooms, 21 luxurious standard rooms, 3 luxurious three people suites and 2 business suites. There are Italian imported surfing bathtub in business suites and luxurious suites and sauna room in luxurious suites. The standard A with more furniture is larger than standard B in Shatan Hotel. Shatan Hotel has a Chinese Restaurant with Guangdong Cuisine, Hunan Cuisine and Sichuan Cuisine. The restaurant covers an area of 600 square meters with luxurious compartment, which can accommodate 180 people. It is the first choice for family party, wedding celebration banquet and business banquet. There are many features dishes in Shatan Hotel, and you can enjoy your favorite foods. The Western Restaurant offers abundant buffet and dishes.

This hotel also provides conference rooms to businessman. The different size conference rooms can meet different needs from guests in Shatan Hotel. Shatan Hotel also has waiters and waitresses who can speak English for receiving foreign guests. Whatever your purpose in China, business or travel, Shatan Hotel will offers you a good rest space.

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Beijing Yuyuantan Park

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Beijing Yuyuantan ParkThe best time for traveling is coming. Would you like to join a group of Beijing tour? Before traveling looking for a good hotel to live in will be important. Shatan Hotel Beijing is a good one for those who first come to Beijing. Shatan Hotel Beijing is located in Shatan Back Street, the central zone of Beijing. As the prime location, during the tourist rush season, Shatan Hotel Beijing is full of guests.

Surrounded Shatan Hotel Beijing, there are a lot of attractive places. Yuyuantan Park, conveniently located in Beijing Haidian District not far from Shatan Hotel Beijing. The East Gate of the park adjacent to the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse; west to the central of Third Ring Road and faces the CCTV Tower; South Gate in the north China Millennium Monument, north of the Navy General Hospital. From the east to the west it is about 1.7 kilometers long, covering an area of ​​137 hectares.

Until the year of 2008, the main park area is composed by the Western Cherry Park, North Lake Scenic Spot, Zhongshan Island in the south, and the Spring Garden in the east. Currently in every spring the park organizes “cherry flowers festival” well-known to all the natives. A blend of two thousand cherry trees “Sakura Garden”, the tourists fill the air as the crowd surging to become the capital specific to early spring views. Winter swimming during 70s-80s, the “anti-cancer life park” in 90s and other fitness activities are widely known. For tourists living in Shatan Hotel Beijing, it is a good place to leisure.

After 40 years of rapid development of urban construction, the surrounding tall buildings of downtown, busy traffic and endless lake water in Yuyuantan Park are leisurely two stark contrasts. As more prosperous, more modern cities, the pursuit of more ambitious goals today, people are particularly valuable around the green and peaceful. In the future, follow the natural harmony of the building is still the same style of the park. Living in Shatan Hotel Beijing and visiting Yuyuantan Park during the spare time, you will feel relaxed and comfortable.

During the late March to April, in Yuyuantan Park there usually holds the cherry blossom festival, attracting large numbers of tourists from all over the world including those living in Shatan Hotel Beijing. During the festival, tourists in Shatan Hotel Beijing should not miss the great chance to enjoy the charming scenery.

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